Wonderful Latin men and women for serious relationship

Latin men and womenI registered on the site romance-dir.com,
because I was really interested in happiness, I was sick and tired of constant failures, moreover, because of my business I had no time to look for the love. I wanted to try one more opportunity to meet my soul mate. I realized that everything was in my hands, but I didn’t expect such great result! After small test, the members of the marriage agency offered me those users, who were really interesting for me. The test was built in such a way to help you be as honest, as possible, only then you would have an opportunity to meet necessary person.
My wife’s name is Kate, she is a journalist. After exploring the site we corresponded literally one day and immediately agreed to meet. We spent the whole day walking around the city. We were just wondering with each other, so we continued to communicate by SMS.

All the tips that I have found on the site for Latin men and women, are very helpful, for example, the most important advice is:

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  • If you want to find a soul mate you need to love someone and let somebody to love you. Open your heart to new feelings! Happiness comes only to those who are waiting for him with all their heart. Therefore, dating for serious relationship is better to begin with a positive attitude. Not by chance in the marriage agency pay special attention to customer sentiment, his expectations of future meetings.
  • Sincere interest. Ask any woman what she would like in addition to kindness and concern, and she will answer – the interest of her man to herself. This does not mean that man has to throw her woman with questions about work, friends for days on end, and especially when she does not want.
  • Choose the correct places for the date. For example, the classic version: the first meeting in a café. When choosing a cafe, it is desirable to be creative. Perhaps you both love soft and unobtrusive jazz, under which it is nice to talk about life? Or do you want to enjoy the view of the city at night, sitting at a table on the roof of a skyscraper? Cafes exist on the ships and in the castles, at bookstores and at the peak of the mountain. Surprise your beloved woman, selecting a location, interesting to both of you. Then a meeting with you will be a memorable one!
  • Humor is a very sensitive topic, in the case where two people still do not know each other well. It may happen that your partner will not be able to understand when you’re joking and when you are not, as not all people quite clearly show their facial expressions and gestures. So do not forget that humor, not supported by the relevant manifestations of body language can mislead your interlocutor.
  • During the conversation, it is important to maintain eye contact, and also, If it is possible, look at the objects of the discussion. You can also show an interest and enthusiasm for the conversation, if you repeat certain words or phrases from the story of the interlocutor.
  • Posture, facial expressions and gestures define how we are perceived by others. It is scientifically proven that a healthy self-confidence is the key to success in many spheres of life. Confident, not arrogant or indecisive person, make the impression of attractive, successful and nice people. Therefore, at the first meeting with a stranger, you should not make an impression of timidity or arrogance.


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